Alexa mini LF ready to shoot kit
Zeiss CP2 15mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm
Richard Gale optics Clavius set, 28mm, 38mm, 58mm, 88mm
BM Ursa mini pro 4.6K PLBM
URSA mini 4.6K EF
Panasonic GH5
Canon 5D mark4
GoPro, DJI pocket and Action cameras
Rokinon 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm EF Sigma art 35mm, 50mm EFCanon 24-70mm
Sachtler 25, low boy, mid riser, riser


1 * Arri Skypannel S60-c With softbox, filers and remote
1 * Aputure 600d with softbox and accessories
1 * Aputure 300d with softbox and accessories
1 * Aladdin Bi-Flex M7 with Flyball and accessories
1 * Aladdin All-in-2 Color gaffer kit
1 * Ledgo Versatile 81*23cm bicolor ledmate
4 * Nanguan Nanlite LED Tube Lights RGB
2 * Deolight copys Dled4
1 * Ringlight
1 * Aputure LS1C
1 * Rotolight Neo 2 with chimera softbox
2 * Yongnu YN360 II RGB led
2 * Ledgo 1*1 Led pannels Bicolor
5 * Avengers C-stand
1 * Combo stand
5 * Manofrotto stand
1 * Taco cart lite with Grip and kit
1 * Chimera butterfly 1,8m*1,8m, Black, White, 1/2 grid
2 * 1m by 1m black flag
1 * 1m by 0,5m black flag
1 * Mathews Road rag kitVlock batteries
2 * 95 Blueshape, 2 * 290 Blueshape. 5 * 95 IDX


Proaim Scissor jib 17fot for Movi Pro
Movi pro, upgraded with Ignite, 6 TB50 batteries
Armor Man gen3
Easy rig
Hague pipe dolly

2600W Generator
Fog machine
Haze machine
Bolt 300 SDI/HDMI Wireless
Blackmagic video assist
Lilla monitorn
Stora monitor
Camera cart Inovativ
Magliner Convertible handtruck


Rebuild Crafter with 5 seats, Build in TV for monitor, Storage, Microwave, fridge, Solar cells, 2000W converter 230V, Big storage room for Camera cart and wagons